eastern European theatre essay- master

During Reading Week, besides the preparation for week 7, you will need to write a short introductory essay discussing at least one critical approach to the idea of “Eastern Europe” in the context of theatre studies, addressing the question: “What is ‘Eastern’ in EuropeanTheatre (concepts, practices, and contexts)?” Exploring some of the themes raised in the first two weeks particularly (as also presented in the Course Introduction) – critically addressing geography and history, both personal and political borders, postcolonialism, the dialogical and the constructivist, cultural memory – and comparing these, for example, with the discussions with directors in the last two chapters of Stepanova and Carlson (eds.) (2021: 263-294)… The essay is an invitation to discuss what might be problematic in supposing reference to “Eastern Europe” – historically, politically, culturally, geographically – not least, with respect to presenting examples of theatre practice and should be grounded in an exploration of specific instances (rather than generalisations).  

basically” the question invites you to reflect on what might be complex in referring to “Eastern European theatres” – how and why does reference to “Eastern” qualify that of “European” in interesting ways, historically, critically, etc. (“contexts, practices, concepts”). This could indeed include reflection on the “geopolitical” construction of the distinction between East and West, not least in the context of war (including the present one). If you choose to discuss a play or a production it is probably best to focus on just one (which you can evidence with citation, whether in page numbers or time code) rather than generalising. All the best, Mischa 

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