Each student will write a research paper based on her/his original research. This original research will be on a particular doctrine or aspect of a doctrine in which the student is interested or desires to know better. This paper must include the student’s theological assertions on the basis of the Wesleyan Quadrilateral: Holy Scripture, reason, tradition, and experience.

The body of each paper must be seven to eight (7 to

8) pages, including a minimum of five (5) sources in addition to your textbooks. Theological Dictionaries and the Holy Bible should be used, but these do not count as the five, additional sources.

The only electronic sources allowed are those acquired through the university library database. NO internet sources are allowed unless granted special exception. Feel free to ask about internet sources if you cannot find the information you need in the library. Each paper must be typed, double-spaced with one-inch margins. Any entries typed on computer must use a font size of twelve (12) and a readable type such as Courier New, or Times New Roman. The student may use any acceptable writing format such as APA, Chicago (Turabian), or MLA. (There is a very helpful clip or staple to secure pages; do not use binders.

These papers are due at the BOC on the date assigned in the Course Calendar. A Grading Rubric for these is on Canvas.

NOTE: The following are NOT allowed in an academic research paper: No first or second person (third only); no contractions; never use the word

“get, got, or its correlatives; never use the word

“just” as an adverb (“just married”); no

“conversational” English or colloquialisms; do not use English Dictionaries (the definitions are usually NOT the same as used in the Bible!). Use a Bible Dictionary and/or OT or NT Dictionary. All of these are in the SCU Library. No late papers.

Evaluation based on grammar, syntax, and content

of papers: Content = 40%; Organization = 20%;

Structure (Grammar/syntax) = 25%; Bible/Faith-

based = 15%. (See Grading Rubric on Canvas.)

Content includes originality, critical thinking, theological veracity, and personal theological reflection and articulation. This paper must include theological assertions based on the Wesleyan Quadrilateral: Holy Scripture, Reason, Church Tradition/History, and Experience.

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