Discussion Thread: The Deity of Christ

You have been studying the Person and Deity of Jesus Christ. In chapters 11 and 12 of Everyday Theology, and in chapter 23 of Introducing Christian Doctrine, you read about Jesus and support to His deity (being God). Each of these chapters provide several important supporting arguments that are seen in and outside of Scripture that support the deity of Jesus and his work. In chapter 23 of Introducing Christian Doctrine, Erickson presents departures from the full deity of Christ through history. And on page 84 in Everyday Theology, Etzel and Small share some opposing views to the full deity of Christ. The full Deity of Christ though remains central to the Christian faith and entire narrative of the Scriptures. After reviewing this week’s readings and videos, respond to the following prompt. Why is the deity of Christ so important to the Christian faith?  What important implications can be drawn from the deity of Christ? In your answer, provide one example of a popular view from today’s culture that rejects or diminishes the full deity of Jesus Christ today.  In other words, what is a prevailing view of Christ found in today’s culture that diminishes the deity of Jesus? Provide one to two supporting responses that you feel are the strongest in supporting the deity of Christ and their important implications. 

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