discussion post: respond to student post

Minimum of 250 words, respond to student discussion post below: Please use APA 7th edition 2 references.Clinicians require understanding of Pathophysiologic process of a disease to provide safe care to patients because pathophysiology empower clinicians with scientific knowledge and the understanding to make informed decision regarding their patient’s disease process (Branney & Priego- Hernandez, 2018).

This course was challenging for me because it involves biological contents that are difficult to learn, however it has taught me to understand more about pathophysiology of a disease process on a cellular level. It has empowered me as a future Nurse Practitioner to evaluate patients’ health in a comprehensive approach and identify early sign and process of a disease. It has taught me to recognize signs of disease progression and importance of timely intervention to prevent complications or death.

My goal is to continue to put what I learned in this course in clinical practice because it has improved my learning and understanding of pathophysiology of diseases. It has given me more understanding of health and disease process therefore providing me with the tool to deliver better care to my patients. For example, I recently took care of a patient who presented to the hospital with ETOH cirrhosis, and he had other comorbidities, patient started having change in mental status during my shift. The doctors and I were attempting to determine if his confusion is due to hepatic encephalopathy or if it’s another problem. Due to history of sleep apnea and refusal to wear BIPAP overnight I suggested Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) to be drawn on this patient in addition to other labs, blood gas was drawn, and patient was in respiratory acidosis Co2 was in the 100’s and patient had to be transferred to the ICU for continuous BIPAP and was later intubated. When I evaluated patient’s ABG result I was able to easily detect that patient had respiratory acidosis due to what I learned in this course, it provided me with the tool to put what I learned in this course into practice.

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