discussion post part one and reply post part 2


Week 9: M (10/17) 44 unread replies.44 replies. Weekly Discussion Board Post: Post via Canvas your 300-word initial post with cited textual evidence (due by 8:00 PM) and a 300-word response post with cited textual evidence (due by 10:00 PM) on the assigned reading for the week. Remember do not summarize the reading for the week! Instead, focus closely on your interpretation of one quote, one stanza, one metaphor, one symbol, one phrase, or one focused theme, one theoretical approach, etc. You may use the questions I ask you to explore in the daily calendar section of the course syllabus as a starting place for these reflections OR you can explore your own questions about the reading. Either way, you must base your posts in textual evidence from the week’s assigned reading. I also expect that you will pay careful attention to your syntax, spelling, punctuation, and diction.

 Suggested Discussion Questions: With Philip Dick’s, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? in mind, consider the following questions: Who is Mercer? What does Mercer represent in this novel? What does he mean to the people in this society? What is Mercerism? How does the concept of Mercerism influence the novel? What do Wilbur Mercer and Buster Friendly have in common? What do the religious icon and the TV icon have in common? How are they different? What do you think this says about their respective media and purposes? What is empathy? How is empathy defined in the novel? What is an Empathy box? Why would it be necessary to have an empathy box in this kind of world? What does the empathy box do for people that they cannot otherwise get through their own realities? What does the box represent to John Isidore, for example?  

part 1-300 word response with intext citations from book due 8pm

part2 300 word response post on fellow students orig post due at 10 p,

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