Discussion Post and Responses Assignment

 In Chapter 6 we look at two separate but related topics: onboarding or bringing employees into 

 the organization effectively; and training or developing employees’ skills and abilities while they

 are with the organization. You could say that onboarding is one aspect of training that occurs in 

the workplace – it is, and more, as it sets the stage for employee expectations and performance. 

 Training and development is what you are doing here at Langara, and most likely, something you will continue to do on a lifelong basis as you progress through your career(s). Great workplaces strive to be Learning Organizations to support employees’ continued learning and development. 


(Refer to Chapter 6 and Onboarding Employees) 

 1.What is employee onboarding? define briefly in your own words 

 2.Why is onboarding important? what are some impacts on the organization if onboarding is not done well? 

 3. Reflect on ways that “social inclusion” can be achieved through onboarding. Recruiting for diversity is a step in the right direction, but if new employees don’t wind up feeling like they belong or don’t feel truly included in the workplace they are likely to leave. Onboarding can be designed to build inclusiveness.

 – discuss why this is important, provide an example.

 – provide an example from your own experience or that you can find online about a company that is doing a good job of building inclusion through its onboarding practices. What are they doing? 



Harkamal Mann posted Oct 7, 2022 

 What is employee onboarding? 

 Employee onboarding is when a new employee is informed about the company and their job. 

Onboarding helps new employees understand company policies, expectations, and procedures. 

Why is onboarding important? 

Onboarding is important because it speeds up the socialization process. This process establishes the attitudes, standards, values, and patterns of behaviour that is expected by the organization in all the employees. When this process is in effect employees tend to less productive. Onboarding 

helps new employees achieve full productivity quicker and also reduces turnover. Without onboarding, there could be a discrepancy between what the new employee expects from the job versus the reality. Since onboarding clarifies the expectations and provides information about the company, the new employee is less shocked on their first day. Other reasons onboarding is important are that it increases morale and prevents workplace injuries. 

 Reflect on ways that “social inclusion” can be achieved through onboarding 

 Social inclusion can be achieved through onboarding by presenting the ways a company values 

and celebrates diversity. Its also important to make the onboarding experience accommodating to every new employee. This way each person is included and supported during the process. This is also a good way to ensure that each person will be able to preform better if they feel recognised. For example, a company with an inclusive onboarding process is more likely to have employees 

feel welcomed which in turn will allow them to feel more comfortable and be more productive. 

I read about this company called Zappos that offers new employees $4000 at any point during or after the onboarding process if they feel they do not belong.[i] I thought this was a good job of 

building inclusion. It allows the new employees to leave without any consequences if they feel out of place. The company also is confident enough that their company will do a good enough job to make new employees feel welcomed so they think not a lot of new hires will accept this offer. [i] 



Alfred Pilapil posted Oct 7, 2022 

Employee onboarding in a workplace is essentially when a new employee is acclimated to their

 job. They are introduced to the workplace and are taught the expectations and values of the 

organization. This typically occurs before they start, which helps with ‘first-day-jitters’ to 

hopefully make them more productive from the start. If onboarding does not occur or is not done well, the organization may face increased employee turnover, decreased morale, more instances 

of corrective discipline, and more employee grievances. Social inclusion is important because it 

gives an employee the feeling of having a purpose, and feel that their time they spend at work is 

purposeful to the organization and/or society. Onboarding can promote inclusion by giving the 

new employee a time to socialize. Being given the opportunity to build connections and 

relationships with other employees will help them feel noticed and included. One of the 

organizations that won a 2022 Diversity & Inclusion award was Visionworks of America Inc. 

and they are a great example of social inclusion in the workplace. During training/onboarding, 

they let employees know that they have no strict dress code, they honor and celebrate months 

such as pride, Hispanic heritage, black history, etc. Diversity and inclusion is highly recognized 

and encouraged in the company and they strive to raise awareness, measure leadership balance, and celebrate their diversity.


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