Discussion post BBA-475

Instructions:Each student should read Chapter 8 – Transformational Leadership in its entirety before attempting this assignment. Students are then to read the following case study “Case 8.3 – Grandmothers and Benches” on pages 213 – 216 of the course textbook.Students may also want to view the TED presentation by Dr. Dixon Chibanda to gain a better understanding of how this case study applies to transformational leadership.www.ted.com/talks/dixon_chibanda_why_i_train_grandmothers_to_treat_depressionAfter a period of deliberation and reflection, each student should then provide a written response to the following questions:———————————————————-Q1 – Bennis and Nanus expanded on the transformational perspective by identifying four common strategies for transformational leaders. Identify each strategy and discuss how each of these relates to Dr. Chibanda and the grandmothers. Explain your reasoning.Q2 – Kouzes and Posner identified five fundamental practices of transformational leaders. Identify each practice and discuss how each of these apply to this case. Explain your reasoning.———————————————————–If questions have multiple parts, an answer is required for each part to receive full credit for that question.Evaluation:Student original written responses will be evaluated based on depth, clarity, and completeness of the response.This means that all parts of each question has been fully answered.Plagiarism of other’s work (this includes Internet “homework help” sites) will result in a null/zero score for that assignment.All submitted work will be evaluated for plagiarism via SafeAssign.Submission:Completed narratives are to be submitted as a single MS Word document.NO PDF’s or Cloud documents (example: Google Docs)Students are to “click” the title link above and upload their document file(s) to the digital drop box for grading. Students should include the assignment #, title, their first and last name in the file name.

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