Discussion Post 14

A maximum of 200 words, single-spaced, correct punctuation, grammar, source required, video is attached. Discussion must relate to the video. 

Discussion Question for Chapter 15 Monopoly and Antitrust Policy 

Watch the video and answer the following questions: Did Apple Violate the Law in Pricing e-Books? Explain.

Copy and Paste the link in to Web Browser:

Video:     https://mediaplayer.pearsoncmg.com/assets/TC6WS4DsvadZG8c_WWwIHeiUpF4icofo  

To receive full credit for this discussion: 

• Your discussion should be approximately 200 words.

• Read and respond in approximately 100 words to at least 2 of your peers in the discussion area.

• Adhere to APA standards and use APA guidelines to cite references.

• Correct grammar and spelling are required.

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