Discussion Post

Choose whichever two you feel you can answer best!!!

It is key to use references from the textbook for information in the answers as well for a good grade. In this module, we will discuss nonprofit and advocacy. Please address two of the following questions/groups of questions. 

1. Please conduct some research and define lobbying and advocacy, respectively. What are the similarities and differences between the two concepts? 

2. What is the 1976 Lobby Law? What’s significant about this law? Can 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations engage in advocacy? Can 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations engage in lobbying? Why or why not? 

3. If a nonprofit organization urges the public, through the media or other means, to vote for or against a ballot initiative or referendum, is this considered direct lobby or grassroots lobby? Why? 

4. If a 501(c)3 nonprofit has $1million exempt-purpose expenditure, what’s the total lobbying expenditure and grassroots lobbying expenditure, respectively, that the nonprofit can spend without breaking laws? 

5. What would be the sanction if a 501(c)3 nonprofit exceed the allowed lobbying expenditure? 

6. Is lobbying by a volunteer for a nonprofit considered lobbying if the volunteer receives no reimbursed funds for out-of-pocket expenses? Why? 

In your discussion post, please properly cite your sources of information, with both an in-text citation and a list of references, following the APA (7th Ed.) citation style.  

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