Discussion post

Watch the video on The Danger of a Single Story and post a 2 to 3 paragraph personal response to the video.A “personal response” should reflect an application of the concepts and ideas that you learned from your textbook reading and the material presented in this module. A “personal response” is open-ended, meaning that you should be able to think freely and express ideas that occur to you as you are reading (or watching) the material presented.Because it is sometimes hard to get started when asked to write a personal response, here are some questions to think about for this video: How do you think this might apply to what we will be studying in this class?  Why does Chimamanda Adichie talk about the significance of power? What does she mean? Who has “power” in this context? Who doesn’t? Why would a discussion of power be important to understand for this class?  In what ways have you experienced the “single story” of a particular group? Have you been on the receiving end of a “single story” or have you had a “single story” of others that surprised you when you learned more?Your response must directly reference the video by providing a direct quote from the film. There is a difference between your personal opinion and an informed opinion. An INFORMED OPINION is developed by providing specific evidence to support your position. You can begin building an informed opinion by directly quoting your source material in a way that supports your conclusions. For all future Discussion Posts, please provide at least one direct quote from the article to support your discussion. Your initial response must be 2-3 paragraphs in length, about 250 – 300 words.  

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