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This week we are exploring consumers post purchase actions. While we, as consumers, intend on being perfectly satisfied (happy, content) with our purchases sometimes we begin to ponder whether we made the right decision. Think. Have you ever come home from shopping and just thought, Oh my why did I buy that? And, then the doubt sets in and you start to rationalize with yourself as whether to take it back or keep it. You have just become a marketer’s worst nightmare. They did everything right. Through branding, advertising, pricing, packaging, they have managed to make you purchase the widget than BLAM… you are now pondering changing your mind. SERIOSLY??? Share with us a time that this happened to you. What was the purchase? What was the situation surrounding the purchase? What made you purchase it? Why did cognitive dissonance set in? Did you return it? What could a marketer have done to make you over come this?

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