Discuss the stages of organizational growth and how the organizational structure evolves in each stage. Identify current empirical research and update your understanding of the size and its impact on organizational structure.

Guidelines for the research essay (MGMT 450) First, you need to choose a topic. The choice of the topic could be based on your real life experiences or based on your interest. I used to be interested understanding why one firm does well whereas a firm in the same industry does not do as well. This is the most important reason why I chose to study strategic management. You can choose any topic which you may like but it has to deal with organizational issues. To make your life easy, I had given a list of topics – in the form of questions. I have included chapters where that subject matter is covered. You could choose one topic from this list as well. Then, you search the library research database to look for ‘scholarly research’ articles. Try to glance through some to understand whether you want to read more on this topic or would you look up some other topic. The first Friday (08/19/2022) was kept for this purpose. If the set of article is good from the perspective of learning, I will ask you to proceed. I could simply add a few references to your current list, then you can proceed. But, if I ask you to look for more recent references, then you get a new set of references. The choice of subject will not be challenged. Once you get the set of new references, we go through the same process. Once the set of references are acceptable, you need to read, understand and integrate what you learned from the textbook with all the new information you learned. The essay should read as a well-integrated paper. As always your learning should come through your writing. You should use simple examples wherever you can. Please use simple sentences when you write. If you try to write a very long sentence, the reader may not get what you want the reader to get. When I grade, I will look for your ability to write grammatical sentences without spelling mistake. So, please review before you submit. You will get 0 out of 5 if you misuse ‘there’ and ‘their’ even once. If I do not understand what you stated in a sentence, I will put a (?) at the end of the sentence. You need to ask me questions if you felt that I should have understood what you wrote. That interaction between us will help us learn more. Structure your paper well (5). In introduction, you should clearly indicate what made you choose this topic and what you learned from the recent research you reviewed and what your conclusion would be. You should also provide a brief note on how your paper will be organized. This information on ‘how your paper will be organized’ is important for you to check whether or not you provided all what you said that you will. I view that as a ‘check list’ to ensure that I provide all that I promised. The currency (how recent are the references) and the relevance are also of importance. So, in grading the essay, I will give 10% for that. Since I review your references, most of the time you should get the 10%. But, if you do not take me review and suggestion into account, you may get 0 instead of 10. The rest of the 80% will be based on your understanding of the textbook coverage, your understanding of the recent research, the framework you used to integrate, the quality of integration and your conclusion. You are always welcome to discuss why I do not consider references appropriate

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