Disclaimer: Part 1 of this assignment is uploaded in the file, you can use that as a reference.

The purpose of this assignment is to have you focus on the practical and logistical aspects of planning a health program. Please be sure to address each item below using specifics from your proposed health program. This assignment should be approximately 4-6 double-spaced pages (not including your logic model or your references). All references must be in AMA format. Your Logic Model can either follow your references or you can upload it as a separate document. You must organize your assignment using the A-F headings below.

A. Describe the Health Program (1 – 1.5 pages)

  1. Remind the reader of your health problem, your target population, and your target community.

(I have already completed this part of the assignment in part 1, you can use the document “Lancaster vs Chesteredited” in the file as a reference to this answer question)

  2.Select an evidence-based intervention (meaning an intervention that has been evaluated and proven to be effective) that you would like to use as a model for your intervention. Provide a brief description of this evidence-based intervention, especially the activities involved. You can use this report from the New York Academy of Medicine Download New York Academy of Medicineto find an evidence-based intervention. You can also just google “evidence-based intervention” and “[your topic]” 

  3. Based on the evidence-based intervention that you are using as a model, develop an intervention to address your health problem in your community. Describe the key elements of this intervention, including:

    a. Activities that are part of the intervention program. If an educational program is involved, provide examples of a few topics to be covered.

   b. How will it operate (total length of program, total # sessions, duration of intervention, frequency of intervention)?

   c. Who will implement the intervention and in what setting?

d.   Describe what information from your health assessment might be helpful in understanding your community’s cultural values and practices. Describe at least two specific adjustments that you have made to your intervention to accommodate your community’s cultural values.

B. Develop Goals/Objectives (One paragraph)

  1. Develop one goal for your health program.

  2. Develop 2 SMART process objectives for your program

C. Measuring Degree of Exposure to Intervention (One paragraph)

  1. Describe how you will measure each participant’s degree of exposure to your intervention.

D. Budget Justification for Personnel (Half a page to a page depending on personnel needed)

  1. Provide a budget justification for your human resources (what will each person do and how much of their time do you need, # hours per day over what time period, and why the position is needed). For example, the program will need 10% of a nutritionist’s time (1/2 day per week) for cooking demonstrations over a 6-month period. You do not need to prepare a budget, only the justification for human resources.

 E. Program Inputs and Outputs (Two to two and a half pages)

  1. Describe another input (aside from human resources/personnel) that you will need for your health program. Please be specific. For example: what type of physical resources will you need? What will you use them for?

  2. Describe the following additional two inputs for your health program: social/health marketing and intervention delivery.

         a. Describe your social marketing strategy. How would you market your health program? What will entice participants to come to or  se your program?

         b. Describe how you will make sure that your intervention is delivered as planned.

 3. Describe 2 outputs for your health program.

F. Provide a Logic Model (One page – separate from written components above)

Fill in the process portion of the Logic Model Template Download Logic Model Templateand attach it at end of your assignment document. List key activities, resources, and participants (inputs and outputs) for your program. (I am uploading completed logic model templatebelow as an eexample)

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