Use size 12 font. This is 11 different papers on 11 different discernments. No cover page needed. Name each discerment by #1-11 instrusctions are in the  file uploadedMUST USE THIS BIBLE: The New Oxford Annotated Bible with Apocrypha : New Revised Standard Version (Edition 5)  Hi I have an assignment do you want to do it?22:23 Its 11 different papers22:23 On 11 short texts from the bible22:24Hello22:24  Hi22:27 Are you interested?22:27Yes I am22:28  Ok22:28 After this one I have more22:29I will be glad to do it too22:30  Ok22:36 Remember it’s 11 separate papers so when you finish you should upload 11 different files22:37 please only use the Bible I wrote in the instructions22:37 and use simple grammer22:37 The texts are all in that Bible and you can find in the table of contents22:39Alright22:39  Ok22:39

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