detailing the microbe/disease/treatment/prevention,I choose the topic Chlamydia trachomatis

Disease/Microbe Report Rubric Disease Report = 60 points 

• Everyone will write a short paper on a microbe chosen from the class list (or requested). 

• You can write up a basic paper detailing the microbe/disease/treatment/prevention 

 • I choose the topic Chlamydia trachomatis Requirements: 

 • Formatting: 

 – Times New Roman size 12 o Double-spaced 

 – Margins must be 1” on all sides 

– Only use third person (no I, you, we) 

 – Do not use contractions

 – No bullet point lists 

– Heading may only include your name and the title of the report 

– 3 pages of content (to the very last line available) 

– Page length does NOT include title of the report or headings 

– No more than 6 pages of content 

– Plagiarism will result in a zero. 

– You must use correct binomial nomenclature for microbes. (Bacillus subtilis or B. subtilis) 

– 5+ references cited within the content 

– You must cite paraphrasing.

 – No stand-alone sentence quotes. Quoting must be incorporated into a sentence and cited. 

 – You may use your textbook/lab manual/Mastering Microbiology as a reference 

– Online references: CDC, WHO, NIH, etc 

– Example of a bad online reference: 

– Example of a good online reference: o Resource for citations and writing 

Reference Page

– On a separate page from content o Does NOT count towards the page requirement o Must include all references cited within the content

 – Use MLA         

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