Assignment description Below are the contents you need to address in the portfolio: 1.Title Page with your name and the name of your project 2.Research and critical analysis of the context In this chapter, you are supposed to present the state of the art and critically reflect on the challenges of thefield you chose to work on since the beginning of this unit.To do this, you should use the learning assignment produced on week 13, including also the information fromthe learning activities of weeks 1, 2, 4 and 5, as examples of existing innovation, key trends and example of co-creation in your chosen field. 3.Design Problem In this chapter, you should present clearly the design problem in which you developed your project.To do so, use the information submitted in the learning activity of week 6, and don’t forget to base yourinformation on existing reports, research articles, market studies, surveys, interviews or other research findings,achieved by yourself or others. 4.Ideation board Present here the board of ideas that you produced in the learning activity of week 6 5.Presentation of the selected idea Name and present the idea you selected from your ideation board, through storytelling. This information wasalready produced during the learning activity of week 7. Don’t forget to include a description of your targeted My Idea: Use of gamification in high education coursesSee word doc attached
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