Dehydration and Gas Chromatography

One is to complete a lab report based on the lab manual that I will be providing, as well as videos that demonstrate the lab that is being “performed”. This is an online class so these videos provided will be the data and information that will be utilized for the lab report. I will be attaching pictures with requirements of the lab report as well as the pages from the lab manual that will be used in order to do the purpose, introduction, procedures, and table of physical constants. The results for this lab will be posted tomorrow afternoon, so it is okay to leave observations, data/results, discussion, and post lab questions until I provide the needed information for that. Yet the purpose, introduction, procedures, and table of physical constants need to be done by the deadline.

There is a mechanism to this lab called dehydration (it is a type of elimination reaction) in which water is eliminated from the starting molecule (hence the name dehydration). These tend to from either double bonds (in our case) or new bonds (ex- peptide link). The following are links for the reaction: 

Youtube Video for Lab:

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