Decision Strategy

Review the press of the last 10 months and identify a piece of news referring to an important strategic decision adopted by a firm. Using information from the specialized press, the company’s web site and the course materials (books and class notes), prepare an essay explaining (i) the strategic decision itself (what it consists of), (ii) the reasons that have led the firm to adopt it, and (iii) the potential positive and negative consequences of the strategic decision. The document must be written according to the following rules: – Minimum length: 500 words (excluding bibliographic references). – Maximum length: 700 words (excluding bibliographic references). – Font size: 12 pt. – The document must start with an introductory paragraph in which you must indicate the objective of the document and its structure (the logical order that you are going to follow). – Ideas must be organized in paragraphs, which should have the following characteristics: o Paragraphs must follow a logical order, which you have specified in the introduction. o There must be one single idea per paragraph. o Paragraphs can be neither too short (one or two sentences) nor too long (e.g. an entire page). – Avoid very short (e.g. one line) sentences and very long sentences (over four lines). – All assertions must be backed by data or by reasons. – The document must finish with a paragraph of conclusions.

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