Decision Making Simulator

Play this interactive game, which puts you in the seat as a CEO or CISO. You have a new software program, and this is truly technology that transforms. But you face choices, and your decisions have impacts. In the last part of your final, list your results and decisions you would have made differently. Targeted Attack: The Game ( Once it loads, click the red button to start. Keep notes on the decision you make, and the result. There is no right or wrong, so don’t “game” it. Challenge yourself, have fun, continue learning, and post your analysis as a 1.5 page paper. In the first page, show your decision and the correct decision (if different) and why it is the best decision in a matrix; also, screen shot the final simulator results and paste it to the bottom of the homework. In the final paragraph (the last 0.5 pages), discuss how you would use what you learned in the decision making process to manage the supply chain. 

game link:

if u cant open some of the urls just ignore it

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