Debunking the Skin Improvement Myth – Product review

Debunking the Skin Improvement Myth – Product review

Locate an ad for a skin improvement product that attempts to use evidence-based data to promote its effectiveness. For example, an ad might say something like this: “with natural botanical enzymes that exfoliate your skin”. Analyze the ad’s claims and categorize these claims as accurate or inaccurate and explain why using information from the course (textbook) and outside reputable sources. Your focus should be on using evidence about the structure and function of the parts of the integumentary system that your chosen product claims to improve.


Minimum length of 500 words

Any quoted or paraphrased material must follow APA guidelines for inline citations and Works Cited. Refer to these OCC pages for tips: Student Services – Plagiarism Links to an external site.or Student Services – APALinks to an external site..

Include a minimum of one outside reputable source in addition to your course text

Class Textbook: McGraw Hill Anatomy & Physiology : The Unity of Form and Function by Saladin (Ninth Edition)
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