answer the following question using the pdf case study attached  ! please answer the full question on each one 

1. What is the business Datavision is in? [5 marks] 

 2. What behaviors are required in order to manage the business? [5 marks] 

 3.What kinds of problems are found by Dave Bennan and how do these problems compare with the kinds of behavior, just listed, that are required to run the business effectively? [10 marks] 

 4. Why are they having these problems and why can’t they resolve them without resorting to third party interventions? [10 marks] 

 5. How effective is the teambuilding meeting. List its strengths and weaknesses. This is the most important question and the on which the most time should be spent. [10 marks]

 6. How effective was the follow up meeting in which Dave Brenan and Larry Campbell talked with the second and third levels of management in Datavision? [10 marks]

 7. What should Larry Campbell do now given the response of lower levels of management and given his increasing concern about Bob Fowler? [10 marks]   

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