data management

Data Management Body of Knowledge (DAMA-DMBOK) to learn more about the importance of managing data, challenges in managing data, and principles of effective data management.  Use the hypothetical use case description provided and assume you need to support a recently formed team of researchers who need to work with this data and future data curated for and by the team. Review the scenario to understand the general goals and objectives of the research group and become familiar with the types of data the team works with. Create an initial data management plan as a technical report that includes the following: Describe the role of architecture in the storage process (with an annotated diagram), the purpose of data modeling, and the importance of planning in your proposed design to manage the overall lifecycle of the data. Explain how the data will be cataloged (including metadata), accessed, and stored and the policies and procedures that will guide the creation and preservation of new data that supports the team of researchers. Provide details for a specific potential use case (in addition to the current use case) for the data and how these policies and procedures would apply to enable best practices in management and use of the data. Length: 5 to 7-page technical report, not including title and references pages, and architecture diagram in the appendix References: Include a minimum of 3 scholarly references

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