D8 Marketing Muddles

Find an ineffective online marketing example, preferably a laughably bad advertising video, but one not so bad that it’s good (such as those memorable Super Bowl gaffs). Please have fun with this! Please also embed the video file following these instructions. What is the intended marketing purpose of this video? What is the actual impact of this ad? What makes it ineffective? What sorts of bias are present? What needs to be fixed? How do you envision the MBA program helping you to become a more sophisticated consumer of marketing? Be sure to make connections between the assigned materials and your ideas. You don’t need to write a huge essay, but it should be at least 350-400 words long. Please also reply to two learners. For your replies this week, share your thoughts on the ad. Do you agree with your classmate’s assessment? Why or why not? Try and draw connections between the weekly reading, the post, and your own investigations into ineffective ads. 

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