The objective of this discussion is to reflect on how organizations make accommodations for people with disabilities and are ADA-compliant. Before beginning your assignment, review the following article: What Is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?Links to an external site. Before you begin your initial post, complete the following exercise: Write a disability on a separate sheet of paper. You can use anything as an example: a visible disability (immobility, for example) or an invisible disability (such as Asperger’s). Next, write out everything that comes to mind regarding stereotypes for this disability. If you can, also try to include some idea of how you came to know the stereotype(s). Movies, the news or other media, and personal experiences all count for this category. Then, come up with some activities you have experienced in some of your workplaces, such as a general workshop of any kind, company picnic, or even something casually organized like getting together for a social event after work. You can base the event on either your current or past job, or on a story you’ve heard from someone else. For your Initial Post, write a short, two- or three-paragraph reflection on the exercise above. You can write this out numerically (one-by-one) or in paragraph form. In your responses to colleagues, you will come up with reasonable accommodations for the disabilities noted in their posts. You will likely have to ask people several questions, and you might have to do a little research on the ADA site to help you with solutions. Your task is to come up with reasonable accommodations for a person with a specific disability to attend the activity noted in your colleagues’ posts. For example, if the event is to attend a football game and the assigned disability is blindness, you will need to outline accommodations for a blind person attending a football game.

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