D11 Business Ethics

Choose a company that has been in the news for both an ethical violation and an ethical success (do not use two different companies, both examples must come from the same organization). Please share the APA reference(s) to a(n) article(s) which describes the positive and negative ethical aspects of the organization. 

Then answer the following questions: Based on your reading this week, define “business ethics” and explain why it matters. What are ethics? What are they not? What did you find interesting about the ethical position of this organization? Summarize the ethical “win” and ethical “loss” of the company What has been the impact of the ethical position of this organization, both negative and positive? Why do you personally feel that organizations struggle to maintain a high ethical/moral standard? Did this information change your view of the organization? Explain. Be sure to make connections between the assigned materials and your ideas. You don’t need to write a huge essay, but it should be at least 350-400 words long. Your replies to others should comment on new insights you gained in reading their essays, and how their ideas did or did not change your own viewpoint. Please respond to at least two learners’ examples.

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