Assigned industry type financial industry in Germany. 

Does Germany have legislation, draft legislation, or no legislation? 

 If no legislation, broaden your scope so that you at least have draft legislation. Do note your original country, and why you had to broaden your scope.

Do different industries in the region have different regulations in any particular country (Healthcare, Financial, Retail, Government)?

How do the laws and policies compare to those in the US? Address this from the major industrial categories of Healthcare, Financial, Retail, Government. 

Discuss the overlaps with US regulations such as HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, PCI-DSS, NIST, MIL, etc.

In the news: Find any news articles related to cybersecurity that has global implications. Expand on these implications, be certain to note geographical interdependencies. 

If an organization had offices in that region and the US, what would you need to do to be compliant with all regulations across the globe? (This should be the most detailed part of the paper).

Final Paper Requirements

Cover page with name.

Cover page clearly identifies the industry(financial)and country of choice.

An interactive table of contents with headers that link to the content in the document.

Professional docum

ent that is consistent in font, style, heading, etc.

Completely accessible (accessibility checks are available in MS Word and Adobe)

Six to Ten double spaced pages with a 12 pt. font.

Properly cited using any acceptable citation format.

Free of grammatical and spelling errors.

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