Critical Thinking

PURPOSE: To challenge students to think critically of business related topics that correlate with Chapter 7.

DIRECTIONS: Please select ONLY ONE of the following critical thinking topics to analyze. All topics need to be answered by someone, so please check to see which topics have not been answered before you begin to formulate your response. Once all of the topics have been chosen by at least one person, the rest of you can duplicate those so that you will have a topic to respond to.

 TOPICS TO CHOOSE FROM: 7.1 Digital Communication – Why is clear and correct writing still needed, even in short posts, IM, and text messages?

 INITIAL POST INSTRUCTIONS: Well before midnight WEDNESDAY, please create a message to analyze and address one topic. Your post should be typed in complete sentences and meet the criteria below. Please include the following in your post: Type the topic number and description you selected as your subject line (NOT included in your word count). Example: 7.4 Digital Strategy Key your post in paragraph form and justify your response with examples. Your INITIAL POST must be a minimum of 200 of YOUR OWN words–no plagiarism allowed. This word count does not include the restatement of the question or question parts. Use quotation marks for any words directly copied from a source and provide a source note (Include a blank line between paragraphs for readability). To maintain a spirit of efficiency and conciseness, please keep all INITIAL POSTS to a maximum of 400 words. (Feel free to use the Word Count and Spell Check features in your word processor, then copy and paste into the text box—but PLEASE do NOT use attachments for your post). INITIAL POSTS will be graded for promptness, word count, content, originality, grammar, spelling, mechanics, and format according to the Discussion Rubric (under Assessments–click the right-arrow next to the rubric to preview it).

REPLIES TO CLASSMATES INSTRUCTIONS: Please reply to AT LEAST two initial posts of classmates no later than midnight THURSDAY. You will click on a classmate’s thread to read their initial post, and then formulate a substantive response by clicking the “Reply” button. REPLIES TO CLASSMATES will be graded for promptness and content (Minimum of 40 of your OWN words). You will be expected to reply to at least two classmates by the deadline with substantive replies that add value to the discussion (more than just “good job” or “I agree”). Please do NOT wait until right before the deadline to begin replying to classmates. Please access BlazeVIEW as early in the week as possible in consideration of your classmates. There is a Word Count Minimum of 40 words for REPLIES TO CLASSMATES, in an effort to formulate a “substantive” reply. REPLIES TO CLASSMATES are graded for grammar, mechanics, etc., please make sure they are readable. Review the Discussion Rubric.

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