Critical success factors in implementing ERM

Title of dissertation: Critical successs factors in implementing ERM in UN.

The overall aim of this dissertation is to address this issue by identifying a list of success factors and nalyze their role in helping UN implement ERM successfully. This means examining the effect these factors have on ERM implementation and how they contribute to the success of the exercise and evaluate the result of their absence. Since there is no known research that informs these entities about how certain factors can contribute to the successful implementation of ERM, the dissertation aims to develop this list and analyze the role each factor plays. To do so, the dissertation will attempt to answer the research questions: “How do situational and contextual factors at UN affect implementation of ERM?” In an attempt to answer the question, the dissertation will pursue the following objectives: • research and evaluate secondary research into frameworks and models in order to assemble CSFs, • assess the connections between situation and context that shape the attainment of CSFs, and then • structure those CSFs into a framework that systematically links contextual and situated factors 

Start by setting out the purposes a literature review can fulfil in a master dissertation (with a supporting reference). Second, you should say where you looked for relevant materials (e-libraries and so on). T then summarise the main keywords that you used to conduct the searches of these elibraries as a central part of what is known as your search strategy. Try then to identify any preferences for types of literature (peer reviewed academic journal articles represent the highest quality standards, of course). I am attaching a short explanatory note summarising [1]quality issues to be anticipated in using different classes of (white versus grey) literature, of which you should be mindful. Finally in your introduction, you need to state the narrative structure of the review (‘it begins by… It moves on to consider… The review closes by examining…’). This means that the introduction to the review is quite lengthy, but the explanation to the reader is very important! 

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