Critical Commentary – Ellen Welles Page, “A Flapper’s Appeal to Parents” (1922)

Please follow all of the instructions. Please kindly make sure everything is written clearly in this short essay assignment and that the grammar is proper. I have added one file to the additional materials section: The Critical Commentary file includes all of the requirements of the Critical Commentary essay assignment that you need to fulfill and achieve, it also includes the Ellen Welles Page, “A Flapper’s Appeal to Parents” (1922) primary source document link which is very important as the essay you’ll be writing is about that primacy source only so please read this. This file also includes a sample outline to again show you how the essay should be formatted so please kindly make sure to follow all instructions and format this essay assignment clearly. Please make sure to carefully read and go through the file! Lastly and most importantly, NO PLAGIARISM PLEASE, ALL CONTENT MUST BE ORIGINAL! Thank you.

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