Please read the instructions carefully.You may work on this assignment by yourself or in groups of no more than three students. Each member of the group should submit an electronic copy of the assignment. Please insert the names of all members of the group in the front page of the assignment. You cannot switch groups. If you worked in a group for the first assignment, you need to keep working with the same group. If you no longer want to participate in the group, you can start working individually, but you cannot join a different group.The assignment should be typed and double spaced. Assignments should be between 4 to 8 pages long, not including the references. Please use subheadings to separate the differentpotions of the assignment: introduction, research question, literature review, hypothesis, research design, data, measures, sample description, results, and discussion. There is no required format for this assignment. I encourage you to use APA styleThe purpose of assignment 2 is to complete the final steps of the research project you started formulating in assignment 1. For this assignment, you are required to submit the revised version of assignment 1 and incorporate the final elements of your research project.With this assignment, you will complete your research paper. Please ensure that you include all portions of your research paper in the assignment. That is, you should include a revised version of assignment 1 and what is new for assignment 2. Make sure that all parts make sense as a whole. This assignment should look like a finished and consistent product. Specifically, make sure that your hypothesis refers to your research question, that your measures correspond with the constructs related in your research question and that your analysis uses the measures defined and provides an answer to your research question.What To Submit for Assignment #2Revised Assignment #1You should work on the comments you received for your previous submissions and submit a revised version of the introduction, research problem, literature review, hypothesis. If you did not receive comments, you may submit the exact same version you already submitted.New to Assignment #2Research design (1-3 sentences): Describe what type of research design you will be using. Remember that you will use the 2015 Latinobarómetro data. Is this study cross-sectional or longitudinal? Is it survey research, an experiment, field research, or evaluation research?Data (1-5 sentences): Read the Latinobarómetro methodological information (posted on Canvas) and find information about the sampling design used in the country you are studying. You should briefly describe the population (the intended coverage of the survey), the sample (number of observations in your country of choice), and mention the sampling method (e.g. simple random sampling, multistage sampling, stratified sampling). You should provide a brief justification (just one or two sentences) of the sampling strategy stating why you think the sampling method was appropriate. Measures (2 or 3 short paragraphs or sentences, one per measure): List the different variables that you will use and describe how you are going to measure them. You need to list your dependent variable and at least one independent variable. To do so, you should use the information from the survey questionnaire. You will need to list the name of each of the variables you will be using and whether it is the independent or dependent variable. Then you will need to identify the question(s) from the survey questionnaire you will be using to construct each of your variables, and then cite exactly how each question is worded in the questionnaire.Description of the sample (at least 3 tables and 1 paragraph): You should provide a brief description of the sample. To do so, you need to generate a table with the frequency distribution of the variable “gender” and one with the average age and the age standard deviation (see SPSS instructions posted on Canvas). Further, you should present a table showing the frequency distribution of your dependent variable (fear of crime or victimization). Your tables should contain the following. You should describe in the text what you see in the tables (percentages by gender, etc.).Results (at least 1 table and 1 paragraph): You will generate a table with the bivariate analysis you will present may be a contingency table or a comparison of means. You will need to describe what your table shows, read the percentages and draw a conclusion. Specifically, you should discuss whether the table suggests an association between the variables of interest.Discussion (at least 1 paragraph): Here you need to present a summary of the results (whether you found an association or not between your dependent and independent variables). If you find an association between your variables you should describe how the variables are associated (e.g. women show higher levels of victimization than men). You should then discuss if your results give support or contradict your hypothesis. You may add a final sentence or two discussing why your results are important and how they contribute to the previous literature on the topic.

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