crime and punishment summary

crime and punishment summary (by Fyodor Dostoevsky)Introduction:Introduce novel including author and title. Include the genre (sci-fi, romance, general fiction) and time period  As well as time period when written  Indicate your driving statement (thesis) that your goal is to provide a summary of novel)be detailed obviously.Body of essay:Make sure you include premise of book- what is author trying to say? (the theme)  What is setting? What is the main conflict? What is the plot?  Provide a direct overview of the main plot points and any subplots.  Who are the main characters? What are their motivations? What school of literature/genre would the author be part of? (Modernism, Romanticism,Postmodernism, Science-fiction, Victorian, other?Other requirements…Quote, paraphrase or summarize from at least two sources related to the novel- look forsources that discuss the plot, characters, genre/school of literature and author motivations.  These sources can either be from Kansas State Library’s Academic Databases or fromphysical copies of books found in the library.  Remember that the purpose of this essay is to inform your reader about the novel andinclude info. That allows them to understand plot and characters.

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