Create a table that outlines the major points of the Monroe Doctrine. AND 300 On trying to convince Putin to have Peace

In this unit, you learned about United States foreign policy and how it has evolved over time. For this project, you will show what you have learned about this evolution.THIS PROJECT HAS TWO PARTS THAT MUST BOTH BE COMPLETED  PART 1Create a table that outlines the major points of the Monroe Doctrine. Your table should have two columns—one labeled ‘Tenets of Monroe Doctrine,’ the other labeled ‘Implications.’ Under the column labeled ‘Tenets of Monroe Doctrine,’ list each individual point of the Monroe Doctrine. Each point should have its own row. Under the column labeled ‘Implications,’ explain why you think each particular point of the Monroe Doctrine was good or bad for the country at that time. The information contained within your table should be written in full and complete sentence and should total not less than 300 words. Everything must be in your own words.Tenets of Monroe Doctrine Implications Note that headings and sources are not included in word count totals! EXAMPLE OF TABLE ATTACHED. PART 2Imagine that you are the President of the United States and you wish to change the face of foreign policy between your country and Russia. Write 300 word (no more than 400) paragraph explaining to Putin why the United States and Russia should be allies, how this benefits both nations, and what the United States has to offer in exchange for peace among the two nations.****NO plagiarism****

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