Create-A-Patient Research Presentation


Find at least 10 peer-reviewed, empirical articles to fulfill the assignment elements below. You must use current DSM-5 criteria and current research and evidence-based treatment information. You will create a PowerPoint presentation with the following information.  Part I: Patient Profile, Diagnostic Criteria, and Biopsychosocial Factors Choose a psychological disorder that we have covered in class. Create a patient between the ages of 12 and 70 years of age with that disorder. Include all pertinent information of the patient including all demographics and family history, educational, legal (if applicable), and environmental factors. Find empirical* article(s) that describe your disorder. They must be current and include the new DSM-5 criteria. Specify the disorder and fully describe the criteria (including specifiers if necessary) and how your patient is afflicted by this disorder. Be realistic, yet creative. Remember, mental illness strikes people differently, often runs in families, and is complex and may overlap with other disorders. If you want full credit take this into consideration when you design your patient. You may use your textbook as a guide for how to describe a patient/client (but do not directly copy the vignettes/case studies, as this would be plagiarism). Describe your patient profile with regard to typical age of onset (compare this to your patient’s age of onset), gender distribution, genetic heritability, and co-morbidities. Include all relevant information. Discuss biological, psychological, and environmental risk factors and contributors to your patient’s illness. What you need to craft is a biopsychosocial profile of your patient. *If you are unsure about what an empirical article is or how to find one, click HERE and HERE for more information. Part II: Assessment Find empirical article(s) on diagnosis and assessment of your disorder. Discuss how your patient/client was assessed, include information on the assessment tool you would use to diagnose (e.g., which specific questionnaire, interview, measure, etc.). Part III: Treatment Find empirical article(s) on treatment. Describe the current Gold standard for treatment for this disorder. Explain a course of treatment for your patient for at least one year and the expected outcome. If there are competing treatments or no best treatment, discuss that briefly and choose which treatment you would give this particular patient and why. Part IV: Formatting Formatted in APA style. Include a title page and reference page(s). You do not need an abstract. Your PowerPoint slides will be uploaded via the assignment link in Canvas.

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