Develop a position on an important issue related to Indigenous governance and/or Indigenous law and politics (your paper must have a political/policy dimension) • Strengthen skills related to research and critical thinking • Practice making arguments that are clear, concise, logical and persuasive • Understand the components of an article from The Conversation (an enhanced op-ed) and apply these principles • Develop effective research techniques • Learn to effectively summarize scholarly research • Employ citation techniques • Develop communication skills that can readily be applied outside of the academy .Typewritten in 11-12 point standard font, double-spaced in a Word document with 2.5 cm margins. *You must submit both a word version and a PDF version of the assignment. • 800-1000 words long • You must use evidence from at least 4 different credible sources. 2 of these sources must be scholarly (peer reviewed articles) political science sources. Part of the assignment is to use your judgment to select the best and most convincing sources for your evidence. • Include a title at the top, subheadings and an author note (your credentials) at the bottom. Include a list of appropriate tags (at least 5) following your credentials/author note. • You may wish to support your argument with data presented in graphs or tables (or infographics). • You must format your Conversation Piece as a mock-submission to The conversation,Include graphics and photographs. Be sure to cite!

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