Course Paper


Below are the instructions for this assignment:

The document should be in APA format, in 12 point font, and read like a regular research paper. 

Do not list the question numbers.

This is the content of the assignment: The Best and Brightest Consulting, LLC has hired you and is especially interested in the MS in Organizational Leadership degree that you have achieved. The firm specializes in leadership capacity, power analysis and conflict resolution training. They work worldwide and have clients in 75 countries. 

1.) How did you present your qualifications to get hired for the consulting position? Why do you think the company hired you? 

2.) What is your basic philosophy and approach to working with leadership, conflict, power, and negotiation situations? 

3.) What has been your most challenging intervention and what steps did you take for a successful outcome? 

4.) The company proudly proclaims that they consult and coach clients with compassion and kindness. At first, perhaps you thought this was a little much of the “soft skills” and wondered why they were so successful?

5.) You were asked to participate in an assessment and workshop on emotional intelligence. What did the company explain as the basis for including this training prior to an assignment to a client?

6.) The company just hired Dr. Brene Brown to give a talk on vulnerability, courage, shame and leadership. What questions would you ask her? Why? 

7.) The company is very concerned about the changing dynamics around the world regarding the Black Lives Matter movement. They are not sure how to address issues of diversity, equality, community enhancement and hope you can help them develop a vision.

8.)  What do you think will help you be successful in this company (assuming they are in it for the infinite vision)? 

9.)Add anything else you think would be important as a newly hired, senior level consultant in leadership, power and conflict resolution. 

Please answer #1, #2, #3, #8, #9 You may pick at least one of these to discuss in depth #4, #5, #6, #7

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