Assessment Description This assignment is the cumulation of the knowledge you gleaned from the interview you conducted with a licensed professional counselor (LPC) or certified school counselor (CSC). You will need to consult both the rubric and any additional notes you took to complete this assignment. Please select one subtype of neglect: physical, educational, or medical. Next, create a video presentation using a tool such as PowerPoint using the Record Slideshow feature or Canva using the Present and Record feature. Your presentation will need to be between 5-7 minutes total. Include the following information in your presentation: Symptomology and overlooked symptoms of your subtype, as well as its prevalence in your state. How children experiencing this subtype of abuse can be ethically assessed or screened. The steps required in your state to report abuse, including what steps your agency or school district may require. How you can address vicarious trauma you may experience as an LPC or CSC. Note: If you decide to use the Canva Present and Record feature to create and record your presentation, make sure to obtain a link to share your presentation by adding the link to a Word document and uploading it to the digital classroom.

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