Corporate Responsibility and Your Major

Write a short paragraph including the following information:What is your major? State your majorCorporate responsibility in your major (3 pts): Explain what being responsible and stakeholder orientation means from the perspective of your major. What kind of responsible activities do corporations in your major area engage in?Example (2 pts): Give one concrete example of a company in your major area and its CR practices. Deadline: Friday, 10/21, 11:59 pm.Late assignment policy: If late, there is a 10% penalty for each day that your assignment is late (that is, 10% if submitted within 24 hours of the due date/time, 20% if submitted within 25-48 hours of the due date/time, 30% you submitted the assignment within 49-72 hours of the due date/time). I will not accept an assignment submitted after 10/ majior is scm in pennstate  

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