Corporate Finance


This is our final week together. For the last discussion board, I would like for you to provide feedback on the course. What aspects of the course did you like and what aspects could be improved? Please be specific in your feedback.

I was challenged with the computer defects the first day of class, understanding formulas, trying to meet deadlines during the time the computer was defective, and learning in an accelerated course.

I am not interested in learning math problems and formulas in a fast-paced course because the equations are detailed and require my full attention at a slower pace.

This course was overwhelming for me. I was behind in my assignments, and I completely lost interest in this course.

At this point, I am trying to complete all assignments and receive a passing grade.

This course felt like I was learning a foreign language. A lot of detailed information all at once.

This is my first time learning formulas in excel.

The homework assignments great idea but because the problems was in excel I needed an understanding of the language in excel as well as imputing the correct formulas.


·         When you make your initial post, please fully answer the question, and make substantive responses – i.e., at least 200 words that really dive into the topic and show that you’ve read the text and done research to support your opinions.

·         Apply appropriate examples that illustrate your points – feel free to bring your work experiences into the discussion. It helps us all learn when we can relate our past work experiences to what we’re learning here in the discussions.

·         You may not use any quoted material even if sources are cited. Please make sure all posts are written entirely in your own words.

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The zoom session should take place at 10:00 pm on any night o

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