Conceptual Model Nursing Theory


A grand theory or a middle-range theory of nursing analyzes and applies the chosen theory by following a synthesized 

method of analysis below. Address the following components: 

  • Title of theory
  • Theorist’s name
  • Affiliation
  • The Main idea of the theory List of assumptions of the theory (if applicable) 
  • List of major concepts of the theory with concept definitions or brief description of the theory 
  • Your list of references 

1. Theory Description 

  • Profile of theorist 
  • Purpose and scope or level of theory 
  • Origin of theory Major concepts and propositions 

2. Theory Analysis 

  • Are concepts clearly defined and logically connected? 
  • Is there a model or diagram that contributes to clarifying the theory? 
  • Are concepts measurable (operationally defined)? 
  • Can you understand it well enough to apply it to practice?

3. Theory Evaluation and application to the Case study 

  • Is the theory congruent with current nursing practice? 
  • Has it been tested (give an example of one research article using the theory as a framework) 
  • Is the theory culturally relevant? 
  • Does the theory contribute to the discipline/science of nursing 
  • Would you find this theory useful in your workplace? How? In what context/setting? 
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