comparing stories

Story 1

Story 2

In this essay you are asked to write a comparative analysis that considers any two aspects of the three short stories we have read:  “Bernice Bobs Her Hair,” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, “Roman Fever,” by Edith Wharton, and “Hills Like White Elephants,” by Ernest Hemingway.
You can approach this assignment in one of several ways:

* Write an essay that compares two stories to each other in some way, pointing out similarities and differences of style (for example, one of the three stories is humorous while the others are darker in tone),  theme (themes of competition, control, femininity — and others — appear in these stories) or plot (both the actions the characters demonstrate and the consequences of those actions).

It must be 3-4 typed pages.  It must be presented in MLA format, and must include in-text citations and a “Works Cited” page.  As always, it must be submitted electronically through Canvas/TurnItIn.

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