Compare and contrast 2 stories

The task for Essay #1 is to compare / contrast thechoices or decisions made by characters in two ofthe short stories you have read. Gurov decides toseduce Anna for simple enough reasons-but whydoes he then choose to continue the affair? Whydoes Calixta choose to commit adultery with Alcee?Why does Mama give the quilts to Maggie? Whydoes Lyman push the red convertible into the river?Why do the villagers continue practicing the lottery?Why does bub ask Robert if he knows what acathedral looks like? Begin by formulating somequestion you are curious to answer about two of thecharacters •-each from a different story.Write about why each character makes a significantchoice or decision-but also about the effects thatresult and the issues that are raised. What are thepros and cons of each decision? Does the characterlearn or realize anything of significance because ofwhat he / she decides to do? What conclusions doyou come to about each character and / or aboutone or another theme that a narrator seems to raiseby telling a story about what happened? Anna, forexample, feels guilty and sinful when she firstcommits adultery but Calixta doesn’t-what sort ofgender issues might Chekhov and Chopin get areader thinking about?

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