Compare and contrast

Marissa Mayer, former CEO of Yahoo!, sparked an international debate some years ago when she signed a memo that required all her employees to be physically present for work. Read the case at: lCompare and contrast this case with the current situation that since March 2020, caused by COVID-19 global pandemic, several businesses and organizations have either shifted completely to remote work or use a hybrid mode – remote work and/or in the office. The workplace along with their exciting projects have become more flexible and agile in nature compared to the time Ms. Mayer gave out the “law” for no remote work at Yahoo! Write a response to the case and contrast it with the present environment of COVID-19. Use Exhibit 4.17 on page 122 of your textbook as well as the additional reading/helpful resources that are provided to you in the Module to discuss the desired project manager behavior; particularly in this situation of managing local or virtual teams. As you discuss, delve into these sub-topics with examples and citations from your sources that you read:

What communication challenges and cultural influence(s) and impact do you see playing significant role on teams’ performance?

What is the impact on on productivity and team performance?

What are the merits and disadvantages of being able to control the project in both scenarios?

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