Communication of Regulations

Instructions This assessment addresses the following course objective(s): Examine the history and theories of the development of health care delivery in the U.S. The United States federal government oversees multiple regulatory aspects of healthcare. For this assignment, you will identify a specific topic from the website www.regulations.govLinks to an external site. and analyze its impact. Then, you will summarize your knowledge for an internal audience, from the healthcare administrator perspective. Part I – Research Navigate to the regulations.govLinks to an external site. website. Learn about the regulatory process here: to an external site. and to an external site. From the home page to an external site., search for proposed rules or dockets in a topic area of your interest. This could include quality metrics, reimbursement changes, etc. All key word results will be displayed. You may use the filter menu on the left sidebar to narrow the selection. Begin filtering results by “agency” such as CMS, HHS, AHRQ, etc. You may also filter by date range, and other options. Review the results. Select one that interests you, and that you feel would be relevant to share in a presentation with your desired [fictional] internal audience. Keep in mind, these dockets are open for public comments. Read the comments, and consider the perspectives presented. These comments may be biased or come from places of frustration, or a desire to enact or resist change. Part II – Create and Submit Create your PowerPoint presentation Your role: Hospital administrator Your audience: Internal stakeholders (this could be a physician group, managers, financial leadership, or any other internal audience of your choosing.) Length: 10-12 slides of content. A voice-over narration is required (directions for creating narrated PowerPointsLinks to an external site. ) APA requirements: APA style should be followed throughout. A minimum of three scholarly sources should be used to create this presentation. A title and reference slide should be included. Presentation Content While you may include additional relevant points that you believe are important about your selection, make sure that you address the following questions in your presentation: How does this issue affect your facility/patients/providers? What changes will your organization need to implement to adapt and move forward, if this ruling is enacted? Who should be informed and involved with the change management process? (What departments, managers, groups) Make sure that you speak with both authority and enthusiasm in your narration. Your slides should be visually pleasing and contain assorted visuals, appropriate use of color and varied fonts, imagery, and perhaps data or charts to support your narration. It should be both a professional and satisfying visual and audio experience. 

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