College Student Development Outline

Outline College Student Development Paper Guidelines 

You will be writing a 1000 to 1500 words paper on the effects of COVID on college student development in one of the three domains of development (psychological, social or physiological). Submitting the outline is worth 10 points. To help you prepare your paper, and to help you write a successful paper, we recommend you complete an outline of your paper. While you do not need to (and should probably not) use full sentences, (use note format), the paper outline should be detailed. This will help you get started and be better prepared to write the final version of the paper. Use the following checklist to make sure that you have included all the required paper elements and/or meet all the paper criteria. You should aim for one to two sentences for each outline item to complete the paper (e.g., one or two sentences for 1 (A), one or two sentences for 1 (B) and so on). 


1.  _____ Introduction

    _____ (A) Introduces the topic – COVID

    _____ (B) Defines emerging adulthood

    _____ (C) Background information on how topic influences emerging adults 

    _____ (D) States your general position, if you have one, on how you believed the topic influences emerging adults (Positive? Negative? Or just don’t know)

    _____ (E) Provides an overview of what the paper will cover 

2. _____ XXXX Development Domain (Choose one domain) 

    _____ (A) Provides information about the domain in the context of the topic

    _____ (B) Introduces and cites article(s) (in APA format) related to the domain 

    _____ (C) Provides relevant results of the study 

    _____ Conclusion 

    _____ (A) Provides overview of the key points of the paper 

    _____ (B) Provides insights about the topic w/respect to the position taken or what was learned.

    _____ (C) Discusses implications for current development and the transition to later 2 development for the ways the three developmental domains inter-relate. 

 6. _____ References cited in paper (must be in APA format for the paper) 

    _____ Study 1, minimum 

    _____ Study 2, if necessary 

   _____ Study 3, if necessary

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