CLA2 Development of Business Strategy

In CLA1 you identified a strategy. Now it is time to execute your strategy so that organizational goals are attained. You also identified some competitive forces that may work against you; in your implementation, this must be taken into consideration. You should develop a 4 – 6 page, APA 7th edition-formatted paper, please follow the template and my CLA1 as attached to finish the work. 

 in which you explain what strategy you would select and how you would execute the strategy, and answer the following questions: What will you do to execute your chosen strategy? What roles will management play in the execution and implementation of your strategy to strengthen the company’s competitive position? Depending on your strategic approach, what kind of qualities will you look for in employees (skills, knowledge, ethics, etc.) that will ensure the success of your strategy? What type of characteristics, traits, ethics, etc. must they possess? How will you train them? By the end of strategic implementation, you should have strengthened your company’s competitive position. What will you do as director to continue to increase your company’s strategic position? Would you focus on offense, defense, or problem-solving, or delve into creation and innovation? Provide both quantitative and qualitative reasoning for your discussion. This could include how you will measure financials (accounting reports, budgets, etc.), customer and/or employee evaluations (quantitative surveys), sales reports, etc. 

View the Written Paper Grading Rubric.

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