Chapter 6 Reflection

When doing this, you can write the email and all the finding that was found include what we have to have in the summary.

If you have any question, please tell me and I will give you more clarification

Go to your local school district’s homepage and to find out the district policy and curriculum that addresses bullying. Email the school social worker, counselor, or principal to inquire how the school addresses bullying and/or implements programs to address bullying. Write a summary of your findings that includes:  

Name of School District:

Url website:

Contact Person and Title:

Date(s) of Contact:

Method of Contact (email, phone, etc.):

Summary of Information Obtained:

Remember to properly introduce yourself and your purpose. See below:

Hello my name is _________ and I am an undergraduate student at Tarleton State University in the Social Work Program. I am currently enrolled in a Human Behavior course where we are learning about developmental stages. One of my assignments involves researching what my local school district has in place for bullying prevention. 

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