chapter 13


The world today is full of diverse perspectives on religion and religious faiths. In your daily life, you routinely encounter places of worship, symbols of faith, and religiously inspired actions, but these encounters are so common that we often do not even notice them. For one day, bring a journal with you and note every encounter you have with a religion or religious expression. For example, you can record every church, synagogue, or mosque that you pass. Or make a note anytime you see someone wearing a religious symbol (for example, a necklace with a cross on the end, a kippah, or a head scarf). Do you ever encounter someone preaching, or praying? Do you walk by religiously inspired art? Are there religious references in the news, or in the television shows or movies you watch? Religion is all around us; take a moment to examine these daily encounters. 


Complete and then submit the exercise(s) below as directed by your instructor. (Online) Post to your class’s online forum a summary of the religious encounters you had. 

How frequently did you encounter religious expressions? 

In how many different contexts did you find them, and how many different religions did you see? 

Were you surprised by the diversity all around you? Be sure to be respectful of faiths that differ from your own.

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