chapter 10


Paraphrase questions when answering*

Use link above to answer questions below*

Santa Monica, California, has long struggled with ways to accommodate and support an ever-growing homeless population. 

This film follows four people on the streets of Santa Monica as the try to climb out of poverty, and just as often fall deeper into it. Instructions: Submit your answers to the questions below as directed by your instructor. How visible is homelessness in your community? 

How has your community responded? Aside from homelessness, how visible is poverty in your community? 

What are some ways societies “criminalize poverty”? 

What affect do you think these measures have on the underlying causes of poverty? 

How would you approach the problem of homelessness? 

Do you see it as a pathology or a structural economic problem?

Use book in file CHAPTER10 to answer question below :

For the online discussion forum for Chapter 10, give your impression of what YOU think is middle class versus what our culture thinks is middle class. 

Are they the same? 

How does this connect to the maintenance of inequality?

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