Ch 9 , 10

Textbook reading is assigned throughout the semester to support BUS 102 projects. Details and business communication nuances in the chapters will enhance your ability to prepare and deliver high quality project work. Students who take the time to complete thorough reading and associated homework develop business communication skills more quickly and ultimately tend to achieve higher academic success in BUS 102.

Instructions: Prepare a one and half page document responding to the following prompts for each chapter assigned to read in the BUS 102 textbook. Short paragraphs are acceptable. For homework credit, responses should demonstrate your understanding and thoughtful reflection of the reading. This file should be uploaded to Canvas by the due date.  

Chapter 9: Collaborating and Communicating as a Team 

 Explain why some teams fail.

 Why are employers focused on hiring people who can function productively in a team? 

 What are specific plans for conflict resolution and troubleshooting?

Chapter 10: Reporting your Findings

 Explain the use of “headers” and “sub-headers” in document design.

How are in-text citations handled for APA style? Share an example. 

 Explain the labeling requirements for a bar graph. Specifically, how is the “Figure #:” placed and how is it formatted. 

 What are the most common types of data visuals. 

 How are “Source:” statements used to show data source. 

 How are “Source:” statements used when using another author’s data visual. Provide a specific example. 

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