Cause/Effect Essay


After spending the next few weeks studying and analyzing style and paragraphing, submit your cause/effect essay on a topic related to systemic racism in America. Your essay should carefully discuss potential or possible causes and effects of related issues or events dealing with your topic. The essay has strict requirements for you to apply the concepts of causal analysis and incorporate pre-determined sources into carefully-reasoned, graceful, direct prose. As sources, your Cause/Effect essay must use the Coates essayLinks to an external site. and three of the following: “Black Lives Matter Must Avoid Being Co-opted by American Corporate Philanthropy.” The Conversation. 15 Jul. 2020. to an external site. Accessed 14 Aug. 2020 Duarte, Fernando. “Black Lives Matter: Do Companies Really Support the Cause” BBC. 12 Jun. 2020. to an external site.. Accessed 14 Aug. 2020. Hartman, Travis et. al. “The Race Gap: How US Systemic Racism Plays Out in Black Lives.” Reuters. 14 Jul 2020. to an external site.. Accessed 15 Aug. 2020. “Ta-Nehisi Coates Revisits Case for Reparations, Five Years after Landmark Essay.” The Guardian. 19 Jun. 2019. to an external site.. Accessed 14 Aug. 2020. Your goal is to perform well-reasoned causal analysis while effectively managing sources in clear academic prose. Your thesis should be an assertion of causality. It might contain phrases like caused, may have caused, contributed to, spread, advanced, effected, promoted, or gave rise to. This central statement needs to be debatable but defensible. To generate ideas and arrive at a first-story thesis to build on, consider taking Guptill’s advice and writing a first draft. Then, write a completely new draft as a revision, to extend your thesis and sharpen your reasoning. Be careful, as you go, to avoid post hoc ergo propter hoc and other logical fallacies. Support your claims with evidence. Address alternative causality, and apply procatalepsis. Apply Guptill’s principles of style and paragraphing to create your most elegant piece of writing yet. I will be looking for all of the following components in this paper: Three-story thesis that includes assertion relating to causality Paper’s topic is a specific issue related to systemic racism Claims are supported by appropriate evidence Paper explores deep causes, not just immediately obvious ones Paper addresses alternative causality Paper is free from logical fallacies Paper uses four sources listed above with techniques explained in Chapter 5Links to an external site. of Guptill text Paper applies attributive tags before quotations and paraphrases Quotations and paraphrases are short, relevant, and well-contextualized Original analysis of source material is extensive and cogent Paper is free from grammatical errors Paper demonstrates paragraphing principles explained in Chapter 6Links to an external site. of Guptill text Paper demonstrates academic style as described in Chapter 8 of Guptill text Paper is in MLA format Paper contains accurate works cited pageLinks to an external site. Paper is at least 1500 words

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